Reflecting on Toronto Landmarks


Koffler Arts

My Role
Leading Research, Participatory Art Creation, Facilitation, Illustration, Design

Arts & Culture, Civic Engagement, Urbanism

Pop-up Space Design, Community Engagement, Workshops, Graphic Design, Illustration


The Challenge

When it comes to the built environment, Toronto is a city known for its vital heterogeneity but also lack of memory. Buildings and places that were once central to peoples’ lives suddenly change or disappear. Monuments to personal and collective histories vanish. I wanted to learn about places in the city that were meaningful to people on a personal level.


The Result

Over the course of 8 months working on the project it became clear that Torontonians have a mixed and diverse relationship to the built environment. Some barely noticed it. Others had a love-hate relationship. Still others had colourful memories and personal favourite places. The most exciting part of the process, for me, was learning about the rich variety of sensory memories and how they related to the differences in emotional experiences.


Pop Up Research Space

I created a street-front pop-up space for sharing and recording memories that was open for 8 weeks.


Interviews & Storytelling

I interviewed visitors, spoke with them about their experiences, and noted their stories on small notecards.


Drawing & Writing Together

Myself and visitors drew and took notes together. Groups from the Taddle Creek Playschool visited for workshops a group from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health passed by for a tour. There was also an opening event.


An archive of postcards

I then visited 43 places identified by visitors, drew the locations, and created postcards.